Enter the longitude and latitude coordinates into your smart phone or GPS device. Use the image and the written clues to lead you to a hidden figure.


Goddess 4 

35˚31’5″N  106˚13’20″W
Clue: 25/Canam, south

G4-clue image1    G4-Clue image2

Goddess 3 

36˚2’24″N  85˚44’21″W
Clue: It’s on a short loop.

G3 clue image

Goddess 2- Found! Image pending…

35°33’25″N 79°46’42″W
Clue: It is a “walking path only.” Look right.



Goddess 1 

35°42’19″N   79°48’55″W
Clue: Face the water bubbling with my arms stretching in-between.