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Kate opened her pottery studio in Seagrove, North Carolina in 2010. Kate’s pots are made with local materials, boldly carved with organic patterns inspired by Art Deco design, and fired in a large wood-burning kiln. Kate shows her pots internationally and has lectured and taught throughout the USA.

Maker, Designer, Owner and Founder of @The_Triangle_Studio


The Carving Process starts with a solid layer of slip on the still wet piece. I carve the border first and then my main pattern, slowly taking away the background and allowing the design to emerge. The carving is exact- these lines cannot be un-made. When the carving is finished, I inlay contrasting slip into the background. Lastly, I overlay ash glaze on selected elements of the pattern to give it depth. At this point the piece is finished and ready to go in the kiln.

The Work.


The Bascom, a Center for the Visual Arts

Big Pots Through History with Kate Waltman

Event Date: October 17, 2022 9:00 am

Event End Date: October 21, 2022 4:00 pm

Cut off date to register: October 16, 2022

Individual Price: $750 for Members; $800 for Non-Members

Instructors: Kate Waltman and Bryce Brisco

Location: Dave Drake Barn, Highlands, NC

Categories: Classes & Workshops, Ceramics, Adult, Skill Level II: 2-5 years’ experience and above


This 5 day, hands on intensive workshop will explore the art and history of making “BIG POTS”. Kate will teach a physically accessible large pot making process with roots in ancient Thailand. Students of all skill levels will learn to work with 50+ lbs of clay to build and decorate their own big pieces. Along with helping students during the large jar making process, Bryce will be presenting demonstrations on the wheel, as well as slide lectures about Ceramic History, Interpreting Form and Evaluating Function and cultural context to the making of large scale forms in ceramics. Students will see form, function, and surface treatment giving them inspiration for their own pieces.

Student Material List: all standard throwing tools and large wooden ribs

**All other workshop dates postponed until further notice