About Erin

Originally from the Asheville area, Erin moved to Seagrove after graduate school at East Carolina University in 2015.

She is the former Projects Manager at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, and was Director of the Clay Studio at STARworks in Star, NC from 2015 to 2019. She also coordinated the annual North Carolina Potters Conference 2019 for The NC Pottery Center, and was a co-organizer of Woodfire NC; an international wood-fire ceramic conference hosted by STARworks in 2017.

She organizes events, and makes pots and sculptures.

Maker, Organizer and Co-Conspirator @The_Triangle_Studio

Erin’s work takes two distinct paths. One of functional pottery for the table designed around a love of ingredients and the other sculptural and rooted in historical vessels with a narrative centered around ancient rituals.


These historical pieces are inspired by an ancient series of elaborately sculpted vessels steeped in ritual and spiritual significance. Prevalent in China during the ninth century, these vessels were a type of funerary urn, and used to honor the memory of deceased ancestors. The lid was often the focal point of these historical pieces, with elaborate scenes to represent a person’s life and/or experiences. 

Camel Courier Soul Vessel

Winged Reverse Allocamulus Soul Vessel

Pegacorn Soul Vessel


Her functional work is inspired by the seasons and ingredients she loves to cook with. Erin is an avid baker of breads and loves roasting vegetables from her garden. Her work is all atmospheric fired in either a wood or gas kiln.

Wheat decorated Goblets

Wheat Dinnerware