Potters’ Pumpkin Patch

Saturdays in October from 10AM – 5PM

Members of The Triangle Studio, Kate Waltman, Erin Younge and Margaret Larson, are part of a group of Potters in Seagrove hosting Fall events in October.  These Saturdays are centered around ceramic gourds, pumpkins, seasonal bakeware and other pottery with woodland creature motifs. Get ready for Fall by joining us during our month-long event.

Our Group is also partnering with The General Wine and Brew; a new bar in downtown Seagrove. They will have food trucks and pumpkin beer specials on event Saturdays! To get more details visit our profile page on our event website.


Follow the link HERE to our Etsy Shop to purchase work by our artists online.

Our shop hours are Tuesdays – Fridays 10AM to 4PM and Saturdays 10AM to 5PM or by appointment, but if you see the OPEN flag hanging out front then please stop in. To make an appointment please call Kate Waltman at (336) 267-1545.  


Kate Waltman Featured Artist @ Signature Gallery  going on now!

The Triangle Studio Etsy Online Kiln Opening Aug. 7th

Kate Waltman Workshop @ The Bascom Aug. 20th – 22nd

(August 6th is the last chance to sign-up for workshop)

The Triangle Studio @ The Mint Show  Sept. 25th 

 Potters’ Pumpkin Patch in Seagrove Saturdays in Oct.

Margaret’s Cup Show @ The Triangle Studio  Oct. 23rd

The Triangle Studio @ WNC Pottery Festival Nov. 6th

Celebration of Fall in Seagrove Nov. 19th – 21st

Holiday Open House in Seagrove Dec. 4th, 11th and 18th

Assorted Crystalline Ceramic Gourds by The Triangle Studio
Wood-fired Ceramic Pumpkin by Erin Younge
Large Casserole by Kate Waltman
Camel Herd Funerary Urn by Erin Younge
Wood-fired Ceramic Gourd by Erin Younge
Bud Vase by Kate Waltman
Mushroom Pilsner by Margaret Larson
Angel Centaur Funerary Urn by Erin Younge

Pottery shops in Seagrove are the ideal getaway for a day or weekend trip. You can drive the Pottery Highway at your leisure and stop in at any one of the over 70 shops around town. The countryside is beautiful, the pottery is exquisite, and the amount of locations is the perfect atmosphere for social distancing.

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Kate Waltman, Erin Younge, Bill Jones, Andrew Dutcher, and Margaret Larson wish you all a Happy New Year and good health!

About Us

The Triangle Studio’s gallery features pottery by the founders, Kate Waltman and Erin Younge, as well as guest ceramic artists Bill Jones, Andrew Dutcher, and Margaret Larson. All of our members have shared studio space and fired wood kilns together for several years making us a collaborative group created by fire. Our artists make a wide variety of work including dinnerware, storage vessels, decorative vases, sculptures, big pots, and a new line of jewelry.

The original brick structure was built sometime after the railroad was brought to Seagrove at the turn of the 20th century.  During the early years the building was a restaurant less than a mile from town center. In the late 1940’s it was converted into a gas station called the Triangle Service Station where local businesses, and traffic through downtown Seagrove, could have their vehicles serviced or pick up concessions.  Some years later it began to service the larger cargo trucks that transported goods for the cannery, now known as Historic Luck’s Cannery, just up the road.

The property’s triangular shape influenced its name when it was built back in the early 1900’s and although it was abandoned for the last 33 years it is being restored to a new glory.  As of 2019, the building houses studio spaces and a gallery with pottery and ceramic sculpture by the founding artists and their occasional guests.

Come visit or follow us on social media to see the renovations in progress and the beautiful pottery and sculpture on display!

For visitor’s safety, we will have a sanitizing station, gloves available, and masks for purchase. While in the gallery, we are asking customers to follow the 3 Ws; Wait, Wear and Wash. Wait 6 feet apart, Wear a mask or face covering, and Wash your hands as often as possible. We are doing everything we can to help facilitate a safe and healthy atmosphere while you shop.

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